I’m so glad that you are visiting my virtual retreat. Grab a cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, juice, kefir, or just a nice tall glass of water, take a break and let’s spend some time together.

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Puppet pattern

Just want to make a plug for Clif Desmond’s puppet pattern http://www.clifdesmond.net/ for moving mouth people made from 9×12 felt pieces (not affiliated to him in any way shape or form other than being an end user of his pattern). I have made probably 20 of these puppets and have used them during Vacation Bible …

Pinata attempt

Okay, here goes another attempt at making pinatas. My kids know me as the master of making tough pinatas.  My first attempt was a colossal fail.  I had paper mached so many layers that the pig (aka rock) was literally unbreakable.  I was able to stand on that thing and when I tried to hit …

Nature or Nurture?

Just read an interesting article about abduction at birth and miss identified person.   https://www.bbc.com/news/stories-44242626 But what I thought was interesting was towards the end of the story when Paul Fronczak found his blood relatives that he realized that he was more similar in temperament to them than his “parents.” Perhaps the similarity is also a …