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Learning Latin

I recently got into a conversation with some friends about their classical school’s attempt at teaching the kids Latin starting with Wheelock’s Latin Grammar.  Talk about trying to take too big of a bite.  The older I’ve gotten the more I’ve learned to start simple.  I like the approach of Visual Latin from Compass Classroom.  …

Panic Response

Had dinner with couple of friends who were in Las Vegas over the weekend.  They were not too far from Mandalay Bay when the shooting began.  In fact, they had stayed at Mandalay Bay few floors below Paddock’s room just Saturday night and saw the concert from their room.  It was a very creepy thought.  …

Las Vegas Shooting

Heart felt sorrows and prayers to all the victims and their families and friends.  We had friends who were visiting Las Vegas this past weekend and I’m so glad that they are fine.  I know that the strip is not that small and the shooting was in quite a confined area, but sometimes even being …